Gill & Miller

For Camden County Commissioner.

"For Great Results, Not Empty Promises."

Current Events:

October 31st, 2022:

It is an honor to have an endorsement from a true American patriot.

Ian Gill and Joe Miller are grateful for the support from Jack Ciattarelli.

We are just about one week away from Election Day. If you vote by mail, get your ballot in! Early voting has started, and as usual, the polls will be open on November 8th!

Get out, and make the change happen! 🇺🇸

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________October 25th, 2022:

Election Day is right around the corner. If you have not already, get your ballot cast; Or make a plan to do so!

"For Great Results, Not Empty Promises."

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________September 26th, 2022:

Come join the Commissioner candidates for an evening of refreshments, food, and politics.

In attendance will be New Jersey’s very own Bill Spadea.

RSVP Below:

We hope to see you there!

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________September 13th, 2022:

The citizens of Camden County cannot take any more increases! The pockets of each family are being drained more and more due to our current government.

To save your wallet and your home, vote Gill and Miller for Camden County Commissioner this November.

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________September 3rd, 2022:

This is one of the problems with our roads. When you do a road program or road project, and you do half the road and not the full road. The other half of the road probably looks just as bad (if not worse) than the portion that is getting repaired.

When repairs and improvements are only being completed halfway, it means YOUR TAX DOLLARS are being wasted by 50%!

if you're tired of things being halfway done then stand up, be counted, and go to the polls in November and vote for those changes to happen.

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________July 27th, 2022:

Join Ian Gill and Joe Miller on Saturday, August 27th. Enjoy a night of great food and discussion, as well as a 50/50 gift basket raffle.

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____________________________________________________________________________________________________________July 12th, 2022:

For government employees to abuse and violate any policy in the workplace is completely unacceptable. The fault for this "cash-out" strategy completely lands on the elected officials that run these communities. Accountability has (and needs!) a place in our local government; Vote Gill and Miller this November.

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________June 27th, 2022:

Want a solution to high property tax? We will lower this burden on taxpayers in Camden county by making sure funds go exactly to who/where they truly need to be.

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________June 14th, 2022:

Under Democratic leadership, not only has South Jersey seen record-high gas prices; But so, has the entire nation. With inflation on the rise, and an economic recessional disaster right around the corner it is blatantly obvious we need new leadership!

Vote Gill and Miller this November!

"For Great Results, Not Empty Promises."

___________________________________________________________________________________May 14th, 2022:

Interested in meeting the candidates, along with a night of fun? Then come spend the evening of June 9th, with Ian Gill and Joe Miller at Westbrook Bowling Center! Westbrook is located a: 1 Creek Rd. Brooklawn, NJ 08030. To save your spot, click on the link below! ($25 Per Person, Covers Bowling, Shoe Rental, and Pizza.) 🎳🍕

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Bowling With Gill and Miller for Camden County Commissioner. — Anedot

___________________________________________________________________________________May 2nd, 2022:

Why is our county leadership spending more money on recreational services, while our necessities are suffering?

With potholes popping up every 5 feet on our roads; And with our current parks being ignored since the start of the lockdowns. Why are we digging the people of Camden County a deeper financial grave?

This is all completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated with Gill and Miller for Camden County Commissioner in office.

___________________________________________________________________________________April 18th, 2022:

The Democratic leaders of New Jersey are taking their powers a step too far (once again)! The education of our children is under attack by a liberal political agenda. This indoctrination is completely unconstitutional and unjustifiable. Issues like these should be discussed in one place: At home with the parents!

Vote Ian Gill and Joe Miller for Camden County!

___________________________________________________________________________________March 27th, 2022:

This is not a coincidence! The people of New Jersey are sick of being abused and over-controlled by their elected officials.

Instead of surrendering the place you have called home due to the lack of care and increased spending, vote individuals in that will be that needed change.

Vote Ian Gill and Joe Miller.